Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tea Time Three

I'm almost somewhat positive this will be that last post about tea for a while. Maybe. I don't know, because, let's face it, tea is wonderful and can be discussed at length with varying degrees of success.

Anyway, tea is hard to enjoy without the proper equipment, the most basic being a nice mug. I'm talking some heavy duty drink-ware right here. One that'll retain heat, but wont set your flesh on fire when you grab it. A handle that fits your hand, or, better yet, a mug with recessed handles, like this one. Something with a wide base, because humans can be a little clumsy and wasted tea is a dreadful thing. And a mug that flows with your style. Trust me on this one. No questions.

Once you have that oh-so-perfect mug, move on to a water-heating device. If you don't want to spend money on a kettle, use a small sauce pan to boil up some water. If you don't have a saucepan, get one, because they're important for life. Or, if you have a microwave, find a microwave safe mug or dish or bowl or whatever will hold water and take the cheap road out. There's something about microwaving tea water that isn't...right...

And then you'll need a vehicle to steep the tea in. There are tea balls, quirky, punny infusers, french presses, and a slew of other things to help in the tea brewing process. You really don't need to be that picky, unless you have a loose leaf that's fine in the texture department, like rooibos. I've had that slip through my tea ball and leave lovely sticks throughout. Not the worst thing, but not the best either.  

Go forth, my children, and enjoy.

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