Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tea Time Four

Don't got forth. Do. Not. Go. Forth.

Something has been forgotten, which is the only reason I'm going back on that whole "last tea post for a while" idea I had floating about.

Sweeteners and other additives.

Now, some people may enjoy their tea straight, like black coffee. That's perfectly okay. Some teas need to stand alone to be enjoyed properly. But others do benefit from a little sugar or maybe some cream.

In the case of sweeteners, it really depends on your taste. Some people like really sweet tea, others may just want a little something to take the edge (not that there's usually a big edge) off. You can use brown sugar or cane sugar or artificial or whatever sugar you want, really. If I go the sugar route, I usually stick with the common white sugar, found in just about every supermarket. Sometimes, if it's a tea with a heavier flavor, I'll go with a light brown sugar. Again, dealer's choice. Which also means that dealer can choose honey. I swear I'll leave honey at that, because the topic of honey could go on forever. Just like tea...

In the case of other additives, it depends more on the tea. Floral teas, like jasmine or green, don't need anything. Seriously. Sugar or honey only. Chai, black, breakfast, those are the teas that have enough body to stand up to some cream. Not creamers. Cream. Go to England and they'll school you on this. I'm going to contain myself and make a sandwich or something.

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