Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Caved

Easter, at our house at least, involves Italian food. This is great. Who doesn't love lasagna, especially when you've hand rolled the pasta, made the bechamel, grated the cheese, and made the meat sauce? 

Yeah. There was meat involved. Pork, specifically. Which, a few months ago, would've been fine. At that point no creature was off limits. Now, not so much. Saying I was torn between sticking to the "poultry-only" rule and the "it's hand-made lasagna" thing is an understatement. I stayed up for two nights debating whether to eat, or not to eat.

Well, not really. Let's face it. Lasagna.
Pasta. Photo by J.Cust
Meat sauce. Photo by J.Cust
Bechamel. Photo by J.Cust
Parmigiano reggiano. Photo by J.Cust
Repeat. Photo by J.Cust
Exactly. Photo by J.Cust

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