Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blooming Tea

So. Did some research. Blooming tea. It's a real thing. Yep. Tea. That blooms.

From what I understand, it's the tea leaves wrapped around an actual flower. It's all rolled up into this little nutmeg like creature, that, when you add boiling water, or probably any water, blooms. The tea leaves unfold and you have the flower thing in the middle. The end result is very lotus like, although there are, apparently, several different styles of blooms, like lotus or sunflower or, you know, other...blooms... It would seem that the flowers inside the tea bundles are usually something fragrant like jasmine or marigolds.

Teavana, my go-to tea site, is only offering one type of the blooming tea. I'm not sure if this means it's a relatively new thing, or if blooming tea isn't that popular. I only heard about it when my grandmother sent me a variety pack. Honestly, I've been too scared to try the suckers, being the somewhat snobbish tea-hog that I am.

If you want to check out blooming tea for yourself, Teavivre has a fairly solid page on them. Or, you know, google-magic.

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