Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vindictive Baking

Recently, an aunt threw a party, and somewhere in this verbal invitation she dropped the "Be a dear, and bring something savory," bomb.

No. No I will not.

Making something savory isn't the issue. Armed with Mother Superior's kitchen and the god-send that is the internet, plethora of recipes that it holds, no wrong can be done. It's the telling of what to bring where the wrong lies. If you have a set menu, and all you need for the table is something highly specific, like Lebanese tabbouleh, yes, ask and you shall receive. But tossing out the vaguest "something savory" brings out the Vindictive Baker, who holds a deep seated issue with being told what to do.

The Vindictive Baker, knowing her aunt's pride in decorative cookies, decided a gingerbread cupcake accompanied by brown sugar buttercream would show off wonderfully. And not one of those faux powdered sugar and butter buttercreams. This baking excursion was the real deal, fresh nutmeg, simple syrup, closed star tip, and all.

Rejected vindictive cupcake (Photo by J. Cust)


  1. If you need someone to eat your cupcake rejects...

    Your posts are fun and engaging, keep it up. Also, just a thought, consider throwing out some recipes now and then (this is not a demand, just an option). I like recipes. And cupcakes. But who doesn't like cupcakes?

  2. Enjoyed reading this, and I usually don't like learning about food since I usually don't have time to try new recipes out.

    Maybe just some quick simple suggestions for awful cooks/people stressed about time management but want to try something new or fun could be a post.

  3. You used "plethora!" That's one of my most favorite words! Also your writing style is adorable. Could you possibly do a post about maybe kitchen basics, and what foods anyone should have to make anything?

  4. I love your writing style! Especially you're descriptive words